Lucas Doell

I'm a full-stack software developer most recently working for Appstle Inc. I'm also learning new technologies and working on side projects in my free time.

Ithaca, NY

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As a full-stack software engineer, I have built excellent user experiences and robust backend systems at scale. I am passionate about creating software that is both performant and user-friendly, and I have experience working with a variety of technologies and programming languages. I am currently seeking a full-time software engineering position.

Work Experience

Appstle Inc.

February 2023 - December 2023

Software Developer

At Appstle Inc., my role was multifaceted, focusing on developing new features for over 30,000 merchants and engaging in full-stack development using Java, TypeScript, and React. I refined our software by refactoring React components and managing a substantial codebase of over 500,000 lines. Additionally, I handled database management tasks with MySQL and DynamoDB, and created specialized internal tools for merchant-specific needs. My responsibilities also included implementing and optimizing AWS Step Functions to ensure robust and efficient task execution, underlining my comprehensive involvement in both front and backend development. Outside of programming, I also focused on reducing customer churn and collecting analytics using Intercom to improve the user experience and strengthen our retention strategies.

November 2023 - Present


I am the founder of, a software development company that specializes in building web applications for data visualization and analytics. My current focus is on Parsertime, a web app that helps collegiate Overwatch players track their statistics. This project has allowed me to refine my skills in full-stack development using Next.js, Tailwind, Prisma, and Postgres. You can check out the project here or view the source code here.


Cornell University

August 2021 - December 2022
Bachelor's in Computer Science