Parsertime v1.1 Released πŸš€

by Lucas Doell, Founder / Lead Developer

With the release of Season 11, we are launching Parsertime v1.1! This is our first major update since the public beta went live in May. With v1.1, we're officially ending our beta period and the platform is now considered stable. We're bringing a highly awaited feature in the form of player stats, allowing you to track your performance throughout a specific timeframe. We've added support for Runasapi, the newest Push map in Season 11. We've fixed some bugs, improved performance, and added some small features across the site to make the experience better for our users.

Thank you for using Parsertime! We're excited to continue development and offer new and exciting features to our users. πŸ₯³

Player Stats

We've added the ability to see a player's stats and view their performance over time. You can search either by name or via BattleTag, and see stats from uploaded scrims broken down into charts.

Player stats
Stats can be filtered by timeframe and/or by hero. For example, you can see your stats on Tracer for the past 2 weeks.

Hero Stats

In addition to player stats, we've added the ability to see stats for a specific hero across all players in the database.

Hero stats
See a hero's stats and filter by timeframe, compare your own stats, and see how the average player is performing in scrims.

Key Takeaways

  • Search for a player's stats and see their performance over time
  • See a hero's stats across all players and scrims
  • Parsertime now offers paid subscriptions through Stripe
    • We now charge for certain features to allow us to continue working on the project. We want to provide a service to the Overwatch community that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Our service does cost money to run, so we need to charge for it for the sake of longevity of our website.
    • We put a lot of time, effort, and money into building Parsertime. By charging for additional features, we can ensure a future for the service and keep features coming out on a regular schedule.
    • We do offer discounts for collegiate and CAH teams - please reach out to our support team and we will respond within 24 hours.

Patch Notes

  • Add support for Runasapi, the newest Push map
  • Add bug report feature to command menu
  • Add a user stats page where you view your stats over time
    • See stats for a specific player from specific timeframes and/or specific heroes
    • See map winrates, best performances, time spent on specific role, etc.
  • Add page to see stats for specific heroes across all players
  • Add global leaderboard for players with highest stat values
  • Add account deletion feature
  • Fix issue with player role being incorrectly determined in Overview table
  • Add support for changing scrim date
  • Add button to export killfeed data as CSV
  • General performance updates
    • Add indexes to database to speed up user retrieval
  • Add rate limiting to certain API endpoints
    • For example, the create team endpoint is limited to 5 requests within one minute
  • Enable discount codes in Stripe checkout page
  • Update social links to company social media


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